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Helicopter Hire Ipswich

Enjoy fast and comfortable travel for business or personal trips, short breaks or attending special events thanks to our VIP helicopter hire service.


Maximise the hours in your working week by ensuring you travel stress-free and avoid traffic jams, increasing productivity. The itinerary is bespoke to suit your business agenda so you can fit in more meetings or get in front of more clients with presentations or pitches in a day. Make the most of your time, safe in the knowledge that you will not be interrupted or dictated to by a rigid schedule.

Successful business travellers are increasingly opting to use a helicopter for business travel to get to meetings, visit offices, attend events and avoid traffic jams and waiting for trains.

Using a helicopter for business travel opens up new markets and helps you to maintain and provide top customer service for existing clients. Use the opportunity to obtain maximum productivity in an increasing competitive business world by attending the maximum number of crucial face to face meetings with clients and staff.

Use a helicopter for many aspects of business travel including corporate hospitality, getting to conferences, attending product launches and meetings as well as more everyday reasons such as visiting offices or sites.


Fly over traffic queues to get to your desired sporting event on time and in style by chartering your very own helicopter for the day. There is no need to ever again miss the start or end of a game or event, even if it goes on longer than expected.

Fly direct into Newmarket racecourse from various locations across Ipswich, Then travel back in style in one of Mercedes Benz vehicles.


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